Station Grid Deleted, Not Eligible For Trash Removal

Dan D shared this bug 2 years ago

Up to date world in experimental mode. There was a station grid called "Alpha Redoubt", that has a GPS location there as well.

World was moved to a dedicated server. It is assumed that the grid survived the transfer, but cannot be confirmed. It was discovered the next morning that the grid had been removed.

Trash removal settings suggest the grid would not have been removed, as it was powered, and a station (embedded in the planet voxels). There are mods on the server, but nothing very extreme, and the grid itself should have only had decorative blocks on it, nothing complicated, not even programmable blocks.

Provided is the post-incident world, where the grid is deleted, and a pre-incident world. Unfortunately this is the file that was sent to make the dedicated server, so this is not post-transfer. We do not have a backup from that time. Also included is a screenshot of the trash collection settings.

The admin tool shows also that the grid itself no longer exists. Also of note, the station was not "super-gridded", or edited externally in any way. Nothing in the world is. Also I am not certain at this time if there were many blocks on the station that were in conflicting ownership (Faction vs a player).

Will gladly share more info if needed.


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There are a few corrections to make in this report.

This was a non-dedicated server/world originally that was migrated to GTXGaming last night at about 11PM Pacific. This was done by copying the save data into the existing GTXWorld directory and we checked to make sure it would work. It did so we set about to goofing off.

The base in question did exist after the migration as it was actively being used. Some time between 2AM Pacific and 11AM Pacific, the entire grid disappeared, leaving the voxel deformation in place.

Backups weren't set to be done on a daily basis (now remedied) and the default settings for save backups meant that by the time we looked, the saves were stomped over. (20*5m=1.666~ hours.)

We have rolled back the server to the state it was in when we migrated with additional backup saves in place and a daily backup utility running.


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