Welder doesn`t show items needed when pointing a at a block after getting materials from connector

Stefan Schmieder shared this bug 25 days ago


we have a reproduceable problem with item-information for hand welder not showing up. Typically this happens after the following steps:

1. Placing and welding a block (all fine)

2. Flying to get materials via a connector, which might involve using the search and scrolling, also the block beeing worked on is same grid as connector or a docked ship via a different connector.

3. Flying back to the part to weld. Welding is possible but items needed does not show up. That can be circumvented by switching to a block and back to the welder, but its is tedious after some time.

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Im seeing the same thing here as well. Its on and off. Havent figured out the exact details yet. I do a combination of flying and walking to and from. Always grabbing from the same container.


Also getting the same problem from time to time, but how it happens i dont know... Changing to another tool or block and back again fixes it for me too and it can also happen when using the grinder.