Weather not appearing on manually spawned planets

David shared this bug 2 months ago

Hi Keen,

I've created a server in which all the planets are manually placed, and spaced much further apart in the world. The intention was to create "clues" which eventually lead players on a planet hopping journey, starting on the hostile alien planet and eventually making it to "Earth".

They are Vanilla planets, and pasted in game (not through a mod) yet the weather systems don't seem to function on any of them.

I'm not sure if this is a bug (where the weather is tagged to a specific Planet ID/Name in the code) or if the weather is co-ordinate based so won't work if the "Earth is moved" so to speak.

Do you have a guide for modders yet regarding weather on custom planets also? I know it was mentioned in the update release video.

Thanks Guys, 3000 hrs and still love the game :D


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Hi Keen,

Just a little update for you. I've tested again, and found that the weather system seems to only work on Triton, regardless of its spawn location. I put 3 instances of the planet in a game to test, and the weather system worked on them all straight away.

All other default planets however don't seem to start weather, and "Forcing Weather" does nothing - almost like it isn't aware of the planet type.

So Triton weather seems to work regardless of planet position, but the other planets do not.

Hope that helps,



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