We needs a combat overhaul

Jackson sills shared this feedback 3 months ago

To be honest I have never found the Space Engineers Combat very fun and exciting. It seems dull, and not what it could be. for starters having only missile launchers, and gatling turrets it quite boring. having more types of turrets with more options for example, having AP, HE, APCR Shells, to put in different cannons, and turrets. Also having more Small Arms would be great as well.

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Part of the problem with developing combat is that SE isn't primarily about combat. Adding a bunch of types of turrets and shells would take massive amounts of effort, add tons of complexity, and create an endless horde of bugs. Considering Keen's updating rate, it would be wise to think carefully about how much gameplay variety each new addition actually adds.

For example, this guy's suggestion is fairly complicated, but makes weapon balancing much easier and keeps player-side setup in the sweet spot where carefully optimized and prepared weapons systems are more effective while allowing "just add guns and ammo" to exist without a hassle.

Different shells expand gameplay, but they don't address the fundamental issues with range and balance that plague the current weapons. Similarly, new turrets just add complexity to an already-broken system. Small arms can work, but they'd need to be different from the standard FPS weapons to actually do much but exist. For example, a shotgun is just a shotgun. It has some differences in damage and dropoff, but it still does the same thing as the assault rifle: shoot people. On the other hand, a rocket launcher can deal effective damage to grids while being ineffective against more maneuverable enemies and having a low rate of fire. A sniper rifle has better range, and might even have a role in picking off small grids from afar, but it's much less interesting than something like charge packs or a tesla cannon (ex. Winston from Overwatch), both of which might have worthwhile interactions with both grids and players.

I guess the point of this giant wall of text is to say that it's really important to think about the exact purpose and effects of every part of the suggestion you make. What problems does it solve? What interactions does it change? What problems can it create? No matter how cool it is, we have too many issues and too little dev output to go with any more than the essentials.