Warheads and explosion damage bug

tom1 shared this bug 2 years ago

Look like there is something wrong in the warheads and explosion damage.

If player place a warheads next to a functional block and detonate it , it will destroy the functional block. No matter how strong of functional block are, the functional block just can't survive from an explosion.

I try to make a turret mod with 126000 SteelPlate and 60500 MetalGrid, it still can't survive from a explosion of small ship warhead.

Then, I try another approach by using the script. Nothing has change.

There are the code.

   BoundingSphereD sphere = new BoundingSphereD(start, 50);
                    MyExplosionInfo bomb = new MyExplosionInfo(1, 1, sphere, MyExplosionTypeEnum.WARHEAD_EXPLOSION_02, false, false);
                    bomb.CreateParticleEffect = true;
                    MyExplosions.AddExplosion(ref bomb, true);
Look like the functional blocks have zero resistance to explosion damage.

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