(VST) Getting an error when trying to make a new scenario from a saved world.

Stollie shared this bug 3 years ago

Basically get an error on Visual Scripting scenario creation and the IST won't work.

World attached. I was writing some C# scripts to go with it but I removed it from the mod list before trying to make the new VS scenario and it still error'd out.


To clarify, despite this error, it WILL make a new scenario file etc. however in the actual scenario launched from VST I can't access the VS ISTools. Not sure if the two are related or if anything else 'is non functional'.

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I figured out the fix for this, not sure 'why' but the error meant that the Sandbox.sbc file was not populated correctly with the LevelScripts and StateMachines, I manually copied some from a working scenario and modified the paths and now IST works correctly on the world that IST wouldnt work on.


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