Vanilla rockets sometimes pass through 3+ layers of small grid armor before exploding

Piratep2r shared this bug 3 years ago

This was brought up by reddit user edenlovegarch and verified by piratep2r.

Problem: randomly but frequently, vanilla rockets will magically pass through at least 3 layers of small grid armor before exploding. This means the explosion happens inside the target! Note, they are not drilling a hole, they are just magically exploding inside the target.

Due to this bug, one rocket hit can destroy even the most heavily armored small grid.

Here is a reddit post about the problem:

Here is a link to a photo-album documenting the problem:


Single player world

No mods

Computer specs: 3.5ghz quad, 16 Gb ram, 970 (4Gb), SSD.

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This is likely the same bug I reported 47 days ago here. In that post, I included a video of consistently firing missiles through small grid blocks.

Please fix this.


Yup, same bug.

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