Vanilla Assemblers steal queue from modded assemblers even though they cant make the item.

Cheyne Stahlhut shared this bug 3 years ago

When you enable co-op mode on Vanilla Assemblers, they steal the build queue from modded assemblers that don't share blueprints with them.

The items essentially get de-queued and never made - so in game if you queue 100 things on your modded assemblers you actually end up with ~40.

This is easy enough to test: -

- Make a modded assembler entry in the SBC files.

- Make some modded blueprints in their own modded blueprint category and assign it to your custom assembler only.

Put down 3 Vanilla assemblers, enable co-op mode on two of them. Queue up your modded items in your modded assembler and you will see the build queue decrease but the items never appear queued anywhere else.

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