Unable to refill suit H@ when no ship connected to base

Alex Allin shared this bug 2 years ago

I have tried this several times, so not one bugged save.

Steps to repro:

1) Build a base with a survival kit connected to an H2O2 generator. Put ice in genny

2) Power the base with windmills

3) Add a connector to the base

4) At this point the survival kit works as expected and can recharge suit H2

5) Make a small ship with connector and dock to your base connector

6) Note that with the ship connected, survival kit still works as expected

7) Disconnect the ship from the connector

8) Now the Survival kit will not refill suit H2. Everything is still powered and the H2 gen will refill bottles, but using the survival kit will not refill suit H2

9) Reconnect the ship to the grid and the survival kit starts working as expected

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Hello, Engineer!

Thank you for your feedback. I reproduce the issue and forwarded to our programmers to fix it.

Thank you for your patience.

Kind RegardsKeen Software House: QA Department


Hi Keen Team!

Important info

I have tested this bug on my side after a member reported on Steam and I think I found the "Why".

O2/H2 BUG when there is a Medical Room on the ship conveyor line, so ship connector and Medical Room on the same conveyor line.

Temps solution to avoid that BUG :

Do not place a Medical Room or Survival Kit on the ship connector conveyor line.

Report on Steam with complete test in so the world test link :



Ignore the above "Temp solution", it happens on all stations but not a Large block ships.

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