Turrets locking onto blocks they cannot fire at

Jonathan Werger shared this bug 2 years ago

Turrets can lock onto blocks below them, which they will not be able to fire at, since they can't point down far enough. This leads to turrets sometimes not shooting other blocks that are right in front of them. Example video: https://streamable.com/b6ejs3

Could probably be fixed by adjusting the detection angles of the turrets to match the angle they can fire at.

Also turrets don't lock onto stuff behind them, which is probably intended, but still annoying, cause it forces you to enable idle movement.

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I like how your video shows all the freezes in the new update...



Might just be the video buffering tbh, it was running fine at 60 fps. I had the same freezes, but could fix them by replacing VRage.Library.dll and VRage.Platform.Windows.dll with the old ones from the ModSDK. I guess the new update broke them or something.

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