Turret knockback

James Nowell shared this bug 4 years ago

Why is it when you get shot at by ANYTHING you get knocked back at 100 meters per second? Doesn't that seem a bit...ya know...much?

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Hello, Engineer!

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We will address all reported issues during future development and we will attempt to fix your issue as soon as possible. We are currently close to a Major release, which is under heavy development and this takes up a lot of our time.

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I remember the fun days playing survival and being shot at and having a gatling bullet hit me. Time to use a mod that should be a normal thing in the game and use a medkit to heal myself with and get back into the action. Nope now I just die INSTANTLY because 1 bullet touched me and fused me to the ground or the grid I'm on...fun. Can we have our Engineers not be so fragile. Bad enough the jetpack can kill you in seconds with the crazy thrust speed.

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