<IsShipCategory>true</IsShipCategory> in BlockCategores.sbc doesn't work

Cheyne Stahlhut shared this bug 3 years ago

Hey guys,

So I'm expanding fairly significantly on one of my mods (Daily Needs) and I've managed to find the long way around to hook into the consumable system and track my own stats.

Though it would be much easier if you guys could add a simple event handler for when a player consumes an item so I can fire off my script - pretty pretty please :D

Moving on, while testing I noticed that the tag <IsShipCategory>true</IsShipCategory> allows emotes to be listed when players are in cockpits. So I thought great I'll add consumables there too so a player can drag it to the toolbar and use it while in a cockpit, it might say enhance the performance of the ship by firing off a modAPI script to affect thrust and gyro upgrade values.

The tag however seems to be bugged and actually has no affect, could you please take a look at it?



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Hello, Engineer!

Thank you for your feedback! Your topic has been added between considered issues.

Please keep voting for the issue as it will help us to identify the most serious bugs.

We really appreciate your patience.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department

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