'Toolbar Config / All Blocks' gets reordered when clicking again on 'All Blocks' category

Decker_MMIV shared this bug 3 years ago

When activating the 'Toolbar Config' (G-menu) the following screen is shown to me (my monitor is a 4:3 aspect ratio):


However when clicking on the 'All Blocks' category (even if it is the one selected from the start), the 'Tab content' gets reordered into this:


I would expect that the sequence of blocks in the selected category stays the same as when first shown.

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Hmm? Apparently when pasting images with CTRL+V into this support site, they can't be fetched/shown again (http 404).

So now attempting using "Upload Image".

First image:dbffec1e7f58a7d628752471b040b6ff

Second image:


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