Some love for the Sound Block

Radeth T (Radeth) shared this feedback 5 years ago

Hi there,

I was messing around with sound blocks and I think it's one of the most neglected blocks in the game, just a few ugly sounds from miner wars and very few possibilities.

Unlike LCDs where you can import images and stuff using the amazing image to lcd converter, the possibilities here are very scarce.

Of course if we could load our own sounds into the block (restricted in size, lenght and volume), that would be the best, but I understand it could be difficult to implement and moderate.

I was thinking the least that can be done would be adding all the other sounds that have been introduced to the game "recently" like all the new music, the new suit alerts, and maybe fill in some other small alerts more related to ships than to characters (i.e. airlock related alerts, "welcome aboard", jumping alert, "all hands on deck", "escape pods released", collision alert, etc.)

I know "there can be mods for this" but as more and more people are getting back into SE multiplayer, it's not always possible to get to use mods.

Also, I would suggest adding the possibility to choose the sound to be played from the toolbar config, so that the same sound block can play different sounds with a press of a button from a cockpit.

Thanks for your attention. Please feel free to add any thoughts on the matter!

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I posted a bug report under "Ideas" by mistake, so I took the chance (as it wasn't deletable) to submit my thoughts on sound blocks :D


I'd get behind this, if sound blocks didnt "stick" to front-left speaker all the time no matter what direction I'm facing. Their whole audio system is rubbish and needs a rework. Sound blocks included in that.

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