Thrusters not working with hinges (PC Version)

Ashley Hagyard shared this feedback 17 months ago

Hi Keen - it's me... again! (FYI I would always be happy to test new updates before release).

I watched the trailer for Sparks to the Future the other day and got pretty excited when I saw two thrusters pivoting on a ship during take-off. Of course I downloaded the new DLC as well as updating the vanilla and then proceeded to spend the next 3 days making a crazy new large-ship folding wing with landing gears by utilising hinges in every place that I could!

All was going good - too good... once I came to test this new masterpiece I realised that none of the thrusters attached to my wings were working. "Oh damn..." I said (amongst other things).

None of the thrusters appeared to know what axis they were on for dampening. I then attempted to pilot the ship - also no thrust was coming from the wings. I then attached thrusters to the main body as normal - these worked fine.

Conclusion; Any thrusters connected with hinges sadly do not seem to be working. I have attached a rough image with my setup for visual reference.

PS: In addition to the thrusters not working with hinges - the torque on the hinges does not seem to be working either.

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You need this script for doing stuff like that:

Have fun :)


Only way to do that without a script is to use Thrust Override. Not ideal, but...