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C.DEF shared this bug 9 months ago

Hi! It's me again, still have the same, exact problem that keen stated was "fixed" and boy oh boy were they wrong. Same sequence of events still leads up to the same outcome. Keyboard and mouse lock up 5-10 seconds after startup of the game. Common thing, the game runs okay 1st time playing but every other time it crashes my computer.

Computer stats:

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

Version: 10.0.18362 Build 18362

Setup: HP Laptop with External Radeon AMD Rx5700 and External Drives

RAM: 8 Gigabytes with 16 Gigabytes of Utilizable drive space


Events to crash

1. Start computer

2. Log in

3. Launch Steam

4. Launch Space Engineers

4b. Close Steam

5. Game starts up

5b. Skip Intro

6. Crash

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It fixed itself a long time ago, I forgot about this post.