Survival Pod has started spinning like a top

Brian Collins, Jr shared this bug 17 months ago

For some odd reason, my survival pod has, in the middle of the game, decided it has an INSANE amount of torque applied to it, and spins like a top.

The rotor it is attached to is off. If I lock the rotor, it attempts to spin the Mongoose vehicle it is attached to. If I detach the rotor head, it goes flying off and explodes.

It was fully stable until I got into the cockpit. I was able to back it that far into the cave before realizing I had to drill more out. However, it has been on a stable platform this entire time.

I am submitting the save file to you in the hopes that you can make heads or tails of this. There are several mods involved, but none of them should cause something like this.

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OK Just had a moment of revelation - there was a piston involved. Reloaded the save and used creative mode momentarily to remove the landing gear and piston, and was able to stop the pod from spinning itself into oblivion. Don't know why the piston acted like that...


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