support page: on existing comments the EDIT button is available but you cant save changes

Takeshi shared this bug 2 years ago

On existing Reports, i can use the EDIT Button to Change the text but there is Nothing to save changes.

I know it is not your Software but you can report it, i didnt found a bugreport page on "UseResponse" Pages.

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You have to be a wizard to edit comments.

edit: WHAAAT? For some reason now it's letting me edit the comment here without using any wizardry.

Is more testing in order? Maybe it's only self comments on your own topics?

edit edit: THIS time it was broken again! Maybe it only happens if you've already spawned a comment box on the page. I'll try refreshing and editing again.

edit^3: pasted the url into a new tab, hit comment (because that's where I steal the submit button from when it's broken) and then hit edit, and it worked.

edit^4: weird. if I get a succesful edit form, but hit 'esc' and then hit edit again, I get a broken edit form.

edit^5: so if you hit "leave a comment" at the bottom before editing, you get a working edit form.