Sugestion: Piston & Rotor Actions

Acynder Ignitus shared this feedback 3 years ago

Hello fellow engineers. I have a sugestion on the functionality of some of the blocks currently on the game in base of my real life experience as an electrician who is currently studing industrial robotics.

In real life, when an automatization involves a piston, one of the most basic features that are used is the use of microswitches. These give a feedback information of the piston when has reached one of his limits, either fully extended or fully retracted.

What I consideer a good idea is adding the ability of set up actions for this block to trigger when it reaches one of its limits, like in real life. This will help making automation more precise since currently we have to gest the time that the piston will take in complete its motion, making it unreliable and prone to fail if for some reason the time is set wrong or the conditions on which that piston operates changes, having the same efect.

2c103721ba2308789e63dc2565201dafAlso this functionality could be added to other blocks, mainly the rotor, on which it would operate alike, triggering an event when reaching one of its limits (if enabled)

But It doesn't have to end there, optionaly it could be added to merge blocks and conectors, triggering actions when docked or undocked, but I understand that this functionality would be harder to implement and have potentialy less uses than in the piston and rotor cases.

I hope that anyone reading this finds this idea good ad usefull and decides to upvote it.

Thank you for your time!

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I would actually build a mech if this becomes a thing!




I was going to suggest this exact same idea.


I was thinking about the same, but for doors instead, like if you try to open a door, instead of opening, a sensor like event happens, which is in default the opening of given door, but can be changed.


Wow, it looks like many others have beat me to it. We really need to get one of these upvoted like mad. See my comment on...

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