Stop the "Graphics driver has crashed" lies!

NovaEngie shared this feedback 2 years ago

Seriously, almost every time I get this, my graphics driver has NOT crashed. I get no telltale screen flicker, I get no disruption to other apps, nothing that would typically be indicative of a graphics driver crash. The graphics driver hasn't crashed. YOUR GAME has crashed. And YOU need to fix it and stop trying to make people believe it's their hardware!

My GPU is not overheating, and monitoring indicates SE isn't coming close to using up all my onboard VRAM. Also, after SE crashes, it does something to the driver in a way that the game stutters horrifically until I force a manual reload with Win+CTRL+Shift+B. Note that this does not affect any other game I play. I can run Far Cry 5 or New Dawn with maxed out HD settings immediately after such a crash with no problems. Only SE has the problem with stuttering after it has done something to make itself crash. So I can surmise that SE is doing something harmful to my system that no other application does. This needs to be fixed, and you need to stop trying to lay the blame on peoples' systems. By causing harm and trying to conceal it, you're treading very close to malware territory.

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This ssue is definitely not resolved not even close this is a blatant lie the cards are not overheateg, they are not overclocked and they do not have driver malfuctions


This is still going on, and not solved.

For the record, Keen have already acknowledged that this message is in error, yet haven't changed it. Which is the least they can do until they actually resolve the problem. This is literally a 5 min job to change the message.

If they don't change the message, people will rightly think there is an issue with their system when nothing is wrong. They may even spend money on needless upgrades/cooling etc.