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Donald Jory Jr. shared this bug 21 months ago

I've been playing on Keen NA #3 server. I finally got out into space and mined enough resources to start building a space station. It wasn't finished, but it had an accessible cargo container with a connector, a solar panel and a control seat. It was small enough that I could convert it to ship, connect to it and drag it behind my ship. I dragged it with me to go find some Nickel. I stopped a decent distance from the asteroid, then I got out, went around to the control seat and converted it to station before I got back in the ship and disconnected.

After I disconnected, I pushed space bar to thrust directly up from it and I got about 40m away, before the ship dampened and came to a hault. However, when it did, it acted as if it was locked with the landing gear. When I tried to thrust again, it flew sparks from my landing gear and from the station, which was still 40m away. I unlocked my landing gear and was free to fly again, so I figured it was a fluke thing and continued to land on the asteroid and then get into my turtle miner (also dragged behind my big ship via connector) and mined a bunch of Nickel. When I came back to the station to try to connect again, my ship would clip through it, as if it wasn't physically there, but it was visually. So I got out of the ship and went up to it with my torch. All of the blocks acted right with the torch. I didn't try to grind anything, but I checked the control seat. It would highlight yellow, but if I pressed f, nothing would happen. I couldn't mount the seat.

So then I thought maybe I should get my character back inside the ship and reload the game. Before I did, I moved the ship just a little so it wasn't clipping, then I converted the ship to station, so I had 2 stations, right next to each other. I actually rebooted the entire PC, because I left it on overnight to download Steam game updates, and I wanted to dump cache and get a fresh boot.

So, once I finally got back into the game, my ship is still there, but the station is gone. However, I had named it something specific and it's still listed as an owned structure under my info tab that's taking up PCU.

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Sometimes the multiplayer desyncs and the position of a grid is not where you see it as. This makes grid-to-grid interactions difficult, but player-to-grid interactions are incredibly forgiving.

There's a chance your station somehow became unstationed and was then bumped by your ship, which means it is now floating somewhere in space.


Ok. Thanks for the info. I mean it wasn't very big, so It wouldn't take that long to mine more ore and craft another one. Plus, I've been working all day and just now got back to my computer, so I'm half tempted to abandon it.


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