Spotlight causes black hexagon flashes

BlackDragon shared this bug 3 years ago

Been playing Space Engineers for a few years, recently returned after a break. I've noticed for the past 3 months, possibly more, when there is a Large block Spotlight present, I get occasional random flashes of a black Hexagon somewhere on the screen. It usually covers about 1/4th the screen and is in a seemingly random location. It flashes for a split second, at random intervals between 1 - 10 seconds apart when moving around.

Using the empty world, I have confirmed that it occurs even with 1 powered Large spotlight on the map. It also occurs when I have my Flashlight (default L key) active.

My PC is running dual NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics cards, SLI together. My resolution is also 5760x1080, though this bug occurs regardless of what resolution I use. It also occurs in both Fullscreen and Windowed mode. Changing Graphics settings seems to have no affect on the bug.

Let me know if there is any more info I can provide.

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Even post processing off doesn't prevent this from happening? Because at first I suspected this is a bloom over-brightness issue which I've seen happen with modding.

Did you try this in a new empty world (with no change of world settings and no mods) ?

A video or screenshots might be useful in identifying the issue.

You could also post the game's %AppData%\SpaceEngineers\VRageRender-DirectX11.log file.

Did you try with SLI off?

Any special settings in the NVCP?


I'm using a 1080 Ti and see this happening as well. Single card setup.


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