Spectator Camera Bug

Timuroslav shared this bug 17 months ago

When flying in Spectator Camera if the camera flies through a Asteroid placement Voxel green frame the camera bugs out until the asteroid is removed. It prevents the camera from rolling and spinning and locks the camera into a panning until the file is reset or the asteroid is removed. This bug happens with every asteroid placement box. Most easily seen with player generated asteroids.

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Thanks for the response! I hope I can muster the votes it deserves.


This sounds very similar to a bug I've just encountered with the spectator camera. I was spawning planets and wanted to have them placed as precisely as possible. So I was pulling the planet as close as possible which puts the spectator camera inside the planet as it spawns. This technique worked fine for hours as I experimented with different planet positions. And then it just broke. Even rebooting Windows doesn't free up the spectator camera.