specific values for toolbar config

Zaphire D'fox shared this feedback 22 months ago

Forgive me if this ends up being a duplicated request. I didn't see anything that looked like this in the forums, but I did find a similar request on (I think) the old feedback pages, but no way to vote it up or add a comment.

I would very much like to see a way to set a block's specific setting value from the toolbar rather than just an increase/decrease option. I believe the GUI mechanic for this is somewhat in the game already. How so? The programmable block. When adding the "Run" command to your toolbar, you're prompted for the 'argument' to be passed to it when the toolbar item is activated. Expand on this. Add a piston to the toolbar with a "Velocity" command and it will prompt for the velocity value that is to be set when the toolbar item is activated. Enable this technique for commonly changed block values: velocity, min/max speed, min/max distance, blink length/interval/offset, strength, etc.

In my current use case, this would be nice to have on my drilling rig. One key sets the piston group to a very slow forward (positive) velocity, another sets the group to a much much quicker reverse (negative) velocity. Could even make a (sorta) no-mods multi-floor piston elevator by setting different buttons to different max values. Or a ramp that has two stop points (upper/lower limit): extended out flat like a runway or landing pad, or fully dropped to the ground for wheeled vehicle access (granted you'd need to remember to fully reverse the rotor before changing the value again or you could end up with an unwanted rutroh moment).

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Possible duplicate of https://support.keenswh.com/spaceengineers/pc/topic/toolbar-command-to-set-values-directly, so I voted for that one. I would love to see this added!