[SotF] Client is getting disconnected from dedicated server when placing Sci-Thruster

themaegges shared this bug 3 years ago

After today's server and client update (01_195_019, Day 1 after release of Sparks of the future), whenever I attempt to place a Sci-Fi Thruster in multiplayer, no matter if it is small, large, atmospheric or ion, the thruster is not being placed, then the game lags for a second and the client gets thrown out of the game. The server doesn't seem to be affected badly, as the game continues and can be joined immediately after.

Also after relogging, the sci-fi thruster is not being placed at all. Attempting to do so again results in the same behaviour over again.

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This is the exact same issue im having but with a much bigger number of DLC blocks and not with the thrusters specifically. Here is a link to my report... https://support.keenswh.com/spaceengineers/pc/topic/client-crashes-when-placing-frostbite-doors-on-dedicated-server#comment-36774

I have now provided a log from a fresh test server showing that it is a XML problem with the blocks. Lets work together to try and help get this fixed :)

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