Some wrecks are not cleaned up

Andrey Kleshchev shared this bug 21 months ago

When I left 'framework' for a drone and welt to an unknown contact my 'framework' was not there upon return and likely was cleaned up (it was not moving and there should be no other factors that can move it), but a lot of wrecks don't disappear. There a couple dead wrecks of 'light patrole drones' around my base that don't despawn (see images, red carcas) and been around for at least couple hours. There are turned off 'unknown contacts' that been around for hours.

Game Type: SP (local, but up to 4 friends are allowed)

Scenario: trigger 'unknown contact', leave it be intact and check back in an hour

Actual behavior: Not all wrecks are cleaned

Expected: Wrecks should have been cleanud up. Diabled 'unknown contacts' still shold despawn when 15 minutes are up.

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