Solar Panels Can be Built Underground

Warlord shared this bug 4 years ago

Solar panels can currently be built underground in planets where there is no light yet still work perfectly fine. This is obviously not now how they are meant to function I take it.

There are no special steps required to reproduce this, you just place the panels in a place you've dug out and your good to go.

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This has been around since planets were part of the game and has been noted by keen by Keen more then once.

it would be nice to get a fix for this.


Well, technically in real life that would be possible to generate some electricity via lighting a solar panel with your helmet lamp.

Right after I built my 1st solar tower in SE I tried if I can get electricity using spotlight but did not work :)


Hello, Engineer!

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Works even in space.

The panels simply only care about their orientation towards the sun, not whether they are in the voxel shade or not. Grid blocks still shade panels correctly.

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