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DJ RJ shared this bug 17 months ago
Reported – Awaiting fix

this bug takes patience!

ok i built a drone Controlled by a remote control instead of landing gear i put 8 1x1 wheels in a octagon it has 3 cargo Containers if i put one button panel on the big cargo Door at the back and this is were patience come into play .. put the second single button panel on the front,

Cargo Container BIG DOOR connected back to front

after some while of not knowing where to place the single button panel.. Delete and place the button panel on the big cargo container right in the middle do it a couple of times waiting 3- 5 secs in between.. Then try to place a steel block on your drone any wheres that's when the problem happens wait for it and after that glitch happens its on a switch of some sort its reversible .. the game glitches out and my character starts to turn LEFT while my ship has no thrusters ON, while i put the button panel on my cargo container Ship just starts floating and rotating at the same time Character turns LEFT you fight it take the button panel off the cargo container ship falls to earth you have movement but then all sound cuts out and i notice my FPS slowly goes down from 120 every 3 secs not doing anything my FPS drops again 3 secs later again .. hope this is enough info for this bug .. i can reproduce it every time ... THE KEY IS PATIENCE

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some how i cant Edit my post and i wanted to replace all the text above to the steps to reproduce it

1.197.079 Button Panel Bug

this is all done in Creative

Delete Block Before placing Button (Replace the Grey Steel Block) With a Button

1. Delete gray block not close to drone its just REF of where to place the button

2. stand next to the button some times if you hit the button with the character the ship will do the Glitch but Character will not glitch ..

p.s this BuG Can be sometimes fixed by just putting a block on the ship (Ship falls back to earth)

3. reload world follow "Step 1" again

4. Get close to the button in the middle of the Cargo container with out making it do the glitch in "Step 2"

5. Look where the "Gray block you just deleted (Step 1)" and place a Button Panel where the Gray block was.

6. Wait couple of secs and the ship and your Character start moving and now the game is really broken you need to reload the world again .


▼▼ Thoughts for the steps ▲▲

Go stand close to the drones button panel your facing when you spawn in ..

make sure you are close to that button on the Cargo Container

Create Button panel on drone Replace the Grey Steel Block with a button while standing close to the button in the middle (Image) do that a couple of times waiting roughly 10 secs in between just start gaze a bit

if you see the drone Glitch a bit when placing the button panel you did it right ..

Plus some times you can just walk up to the button and just hit it with your body to make it flip and rotate but character is not Effected

by glitch you see the drone move quickly UP + DOWN really fast .. just wait now

drone will start to Flip and Rotate really slowly .. character is really hard to move after this happen and you have to reload the World

Thanks for Your Time



Thank you for all of the information and steps, they were a great help. I have been trying to reproduce this issue and actually managed it without having to even place the panel. It seemed to start going into a loop once the armor block was removed for some reason. I have reported this issue.

Kind Regards

Laura Perry, QA Department

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