Small grid weapon raycast causing extreme hitching

D Hall shared this feedback 2 years ago

I have built a small grid ship with fixed, forward facing weapons. When using it I found that when aiming the crosshair at another ship, my own ship "hitches". As I swing my aimpoint around it's so bad it feels like my gyros stop working for a moment.

This does not happen if I turn off the weapons. I therefore believe that this is related to the red markers that get painted "on" the target vessel indicating the expected impact point of the selected weapon. I have multiple forward facing weapons, and therefore multiple dots get rendered onto the HUD. If I had a truly excessive number of weapons this would sort of make sense, but I only have 8 Gatlings and 6 rocket pods, of which only one set can be used at a time, so we're talking about maximum 8 impact point renderings.

What's particularly odd is that shift-F11 does *not* show a framerate drop. The effect is not always the same, but sometimes I can suffer this sort of "stickiness" for many seconds in a row, but the FPS counter stays pinned at 120, and the UPS counter stays pinned at 60. So I don't know if it's a "framerate" issue per se, or if perhaps something is literally preventing me from steering my ship while it draws these aim points.

I really need a way to disable this feature, because it is making fixed weapons on small ships totally unusable.

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Also, the lasers are kind of useless because you can use crosshairs for stationary targets and moving targets have travel time.

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