Small Grid: no working Atmo thrusters & autorotation after thrusters On

Full Name shared this bug 2 years ago

Sometimes ( from the perspective of the game, very often ) in MP and SP major error with Small grid ships (fly cars):


Some or all small Thrusters just stop working randomly in game ( even during the flight ) and after save / load in SP or deconstruct and construct all thrusters on the same place

+ deconstruct and construct small gyro ( in some case the repair works without gyro repair )

then All working again.


- Small grid start autorotation from back to front after Atmo thrusters with gryo On,

and stop rotate after Thrusters and gyro OFF.

In setup is all Ok (No overrotate ON or some like that in gyro setup).

For repair situation, Here helps same methods like in 1/

PS: this is also the non-mod safe SE version. I saw the same mistake in the moths old 2019 YT video and in discussion on Steam.

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