Small Grid - Hydrogen Engine / Wheels - Power Overload

Regis shared this bug 2 years ago

I've submitted this bug during the playtest, yet no reply was given to the thread.


Small Grid

- 4 x5 Wheels [ no breaks on frontal wheels / no steering on back wheels / suspension strength set to 10 and height offset to max so the car is far from the ground].

- 2 Medium Cargo Container

- 1 Hydrogen Engine [outputs max 500kw]

- 1 o2/h2 Generator [consumes max 100kw]

- Cockpit

- Connector

- AirVent [depresurize on]

- Antenna [range 1500m]

- Ore Detector

- Battery [2x2x3] [used to get the o2/h2 generator going, turned off afterwards]

- + all small conveyor joints and tubes

So far the above grid runs smoothly with no power issues when it's empty. As soon as i fill the 2 medium cargo containers with Fe Ice Ni Co Mg Si whatever resource you want, the power consumption skyrockets! Antenna starts turning on and off, rover will not accelerate etc. I suspect wheel suspension consumes too much power when under load.


I believe the consumption rate of the small grid hydrogen engine is way to big curently. Tone it down to 1/3 or better yet 1/4 of what it is now!

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yes same here, it can get a bit weird once you start using power, it overloads and pins power usage to %100


You really doesnt understand concept of electirc powered motors?

More weight means more power to move it.

It is that simple, you loaded cargo containers making grid heavy

thus power consymption skyrocketed.

No issue here?


Hello, Engineer!

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The wiki says that the active power consumption for a Wheel Suspension is only 2 kW, so how can 4 x 2kW = 8 kW overpower a hydrogen engine that should have several hundred kW power available?


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