Small Grid Blast Door Blocks - Inconsistent Sizing

DasStrudelMonster shared this bug 3 years ago

This video provides examples of the behavior described below.

At some point during the past 2 years, the models of small grid blast door blocks appear to have been changed resulting in some unexpected collision issues. In particular, the edge and corner edge blocks appear to be too thick, making them collide where the regular blast door blocks do not. Please note that the equivalent large grid blocks do not appear to exhibit these issues. For specific examples, please see 0:00 to 0:10 in the above video.

This is a quite the bummer, partially because the edge blocks look great and have some very useful properties that differ from the other blast door blocks as expected. Their edge can slide against other blocks without collision, as shown 0:11 to 0:15 in the above video.

To build a working door requires that the door be both thin enough to fit between the containing walls, and smooth enough to slide against its frame without issue. At this point, only the regular blast door blocks are thin enough to fit between walls, and only the edge blocks are smooth enough to slide against the frame. As can be seen at 0:23 - 0:25, such a door gets stuck because of the thickness of the edge blocks.

Thank you for taking the time to review this issue, and please feel free to reach out if any additional clarification would be helpful!


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After some discussion on this reddit post, it looks like there's an issue with large grid blast door blocks that should be highlighted as well. Particularly, the inverted corner block experiences collisions in the corner that one would expect to be empty. This video illustrates the issue well.

Looking at the physics primitives in the debug view, it looks like this is due to the large grid corner using a single cube, resulting in the corner not being "empty" in the same way as the adjacent edge pieces as shown here.0mUNywz

For comparison, the small grid version handles this with two separate cubes that result in the expected behavior.

IClCGBVWhile looking at the physics primitives, here are some additional screenshots to support the original bug report for the small grid blocks. As shown here, the regular blast door block's physical dimensions are tightly wrapped to the visual model, and they behave as expected as a result.

yiTWORGThis is also true for the inverted corner.

GFewxTyIn comparison, the edges of the physics primitive for the edge block and corner block spill over the model, as can be seen when comparing the blocks side-by-side.




In summary, I believe that the appropriate steps to remedy the above issues are:

  1. For small grid blocks, adjust the physical primitives for the edge and corner blocks so that each face is trimmed to be flush and match the regular blast door blocks.
  2. For large grid blocks, adjust the physical primitives for the inverted corner block so that instead of one cube it has two similar to the small grid variant of the same block, allowing the "empty" corner to be empty.

Many thanks for your help with this. Cheers!


Hello, Engineer!

Thank you for your feedback! Your topic has been added between considered issues.

Please keep voting for the issue as it will help us to identify the most serious bugs.

We really appreciate your patience.

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Im incredibly disappointed in KEEN and Space Engineers! 5 years of dev and most features from first two years are gone and game runs worse and worse. Memory leaks and running out of 32GB of ram is a daily occurrence. You can't even build a damn hangar door without leaving 4 giant 2.5m holes in the corners. "Blast doors! I'm sure no one will manage to get in to my base NOW!" -nope

How is this still happening after so many months???? Got back into the game after a year off and ALL of my builds in the last week have been hampered by bugs that have been submitted and never addressed. Mass not calculating, gravity generators make you get stuck and rubber-band, rotors and wheels randomly exploding, oxygen and pressurization still not working, no atmosphere on planets after being in space for a while, inventory not syncing, items disappearing form inventories, energy usage not recalculating when turning off ships (all blocks "off" still draining the same amount of energy until server restart)


The problem with the large grid inverted corner blocks still persists. Thanks for linking my video by the way StrudelMonster.


1. Today was the blast door blocks just being a little too big with their collision mesh. or its still small grid blocks collisions meshes being too big?... Actually dont know if the collision meshes are the came at connection mech

as well as opposing rotors set to 0% offset. was working fine the other day since the patch the other day, Lord Klang is paying a visit.

All Hail Lord Clang...


2. Also please fix the lack of options for [Lock Rotor] option.9402227a026fc72dacaee516d2336bee

3. as having same problems with small blocks colliding sitting above the surfaces some time ago, Posted ages ago.

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