Small Block Grid Mass gets combined when multiple ships dock to the same base

Psojed shared this bug 23 months ago

Whenever a Small Grid Ship is locked in via Connector OR via Landing Gear to a Large Grid (base), the displayed ship's mass is combined with any other Small Grid Ship's mass locked in to the same Large Grid base.

Observed on a multiplayer server, version 1193021, realistic settings.

Attached screenshots:

  • Miner in flight shows the grid mass of the Miner small ship when not locked to Large grid base.
    Grid Mass: 52,971
  • Miner locked in to base shows the grid mass after locking in via Connector.
    Grid Mass: 59,785
  • Second small ship (still under construction) locked via Landing gear shows it's a different amount of blocks, but its Grid Mass shows the same as the Miner.
    Grid Mass: 59,785

I believe it's a bug, because this effectively prevents you from getting accurate Grid Mass of the ship you're building, and people usually have more than one ship.

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