Since you came with the xbox update I and unable to use my Windows Xbox One Controller

David Swails shared this bug 2 years ago

The Keyboard and mouse UI is overriding my Joystick UI. if I try to use the joysticks or dpad the UI just flashes back and forth between the 2 and I cant change anything with the Controller.

I have a disability that requires me to use the controller to play and it was working just fine until the recent xbox release.

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Hello, Engineer!

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We really appreciate your patience.

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You guys shouldn't have forced us this new change. It's very inconsiderate to your customers and us joypad users. I tend to use a joypad and keyboard and mouse. I can't play now because all of my movement was on the controller. There's not even an option to roll around anymore. This was a horrible decision and I can't play with my buddies because of it.

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