Silver color bug

DarthNihilu5 shared this bug 3 years ago

So basically when i have choosen color red and silver skin to paint pillar and went like 50-100m away the pillar from silver turned red.

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This will actually happen with quite a lot of blocks and with all armour skins. It's only super noticeable now with the silver and gold skins because they're a solid colour and rather shiny.

The reason it happens is because the skins work by replacing 'materials' which are assigned to the models to give them their textures but a few blocks (like pillars, med bays, catwalks, etc) use unique LOD textures for their LOD2 and/or LOD3 variants to help cut down on their model detail in favour of the detail coming solely from the texture.

Normally that's fine but now because of the silver and gold armour textures, those LODs will stick out like sore thumbs from a distance. There are only two solutions to this problem that I can think of and neither of them are likely to happen with any haste because it'd involve either a lot of time creating unique versions of all of the LOD textures used by certain blocks to match all of the armour skin options, or remaking all of the LOD models in such a way that they no longer need those unique textures.

In the mean time your best bet is to pick a colour which looks somewhat like the silver or gold armour skin from a distance so that affected blocks at least blend in a little better. But this isn't so much a bug as a rather major oversight of adding in solid coloured armour skins as the issue was already noticeable when using skins like digital camo on these types of blocks, though because that didn't change colours it wasn't as in your face.

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