Side window blocks are not air tight with armor slope blocks.

oneDRTYrusn shared this bug 4 months ago

When placing a Side Window block to fill the open side of a sloped armor block, the sloped side edges do not create an airtight seal.

Other blocks with similar footprints, like the angled window face blocks, create an airtight seal with sloped armor blocks, but Side Windows do not.

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I propose that windows are airtight if and only if it makes sense. If that is to much to ask, please make the 1x1 Side and 1x2 Side windows also airtight regardless of orientation. Right now I cannot build with them in survival.

Windows that are not airtight in any orientation:

- Window 1x1 Side

- Window 1x1 Side Inv

- Window 1x2 Side

- Window 1x2 Side Inv

Windows that are airtight regardless of orientation:

- Window 1x1 Face

- Window 1x1 Face Inv

- Window 1x2 Face

- Window 1x2 Face Inv