Ships with subgrids and only hydro thrusters drift in natural gravity

Jonathan Werger shared this bug 13 months ago

Ships with subgrids, for example a small grid custom turret on a large grid ship, and only hydrogen thrusters drift slowly downwards in natural gravity, usually at less than 1 m/s (speed is constant). Placing a single Ion or Atmo thruster on the ship (direction does not matter) stops and prevents the drifting.

The heavier the subgrids and the lighter the ship is, the faster the drifting speed.

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same here. you can restart the game to solve this for the moment, but it will return if you change anything on the grid. In my case it was a large grid ship (relativly small one) with a piston and 4 drills on the piston.



Thank you very much for your feedback. The issue has been reproduced and reported.

Have a nice day :-)