ships moving with a constant speed, unstoppable

Usurpine Susanti shared this bug 2 years ago

Almost in every game after building a jump drive ship i run into several problems that ships are moving with a constant speed and nothing can stop it.

This time my ship is moving at 20.75 m/s. It doesnt react on turning with the gyro. The Hydrothrusters are running at full power but the speed doesn not change. It acts like its stationary while still moving. If i get out of a seat i instantly appear some kilometers away from the ship, i can fly towards it, then adapt the speed and get into a seat again.

Its not possible to change the ship into stationary.

If i quit game and relogin doesnt make any difference.

Its annyoing that almost every game i play on different servers ends like its unplayable.

This time i also get a grafic error and the game crashes.

Most of the time a server restart helps for a while, but soon or later it ends in a chaotic way.

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ok, i found the bug, it was the remote control.

It somehow took over the control of the ship. I took it down and after that i was able to move ship again. Somehow the remote control is bugged.

I didnt even used that remote for flying since i have built it.


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Same behaviour can happen, if you enter an NPC ship with a running remote controller which has main control over the ship.

But this of course can be fixed by the player, he only has to grind down the controller.

This also can happen with your own ship if you have a remote running and you come out of the jump. Randomly sometimes the ship can run under control of the remote and if you dont know that you have no clue why the ship is moving with a constant speed.

I think this bug has also to do with the list for remote control, it is somehow bugged.

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