Ships connected via connector cause constant movement of the two or more ships

Engi shared this bug 3 years ago

This has been a problem for a while but seems to be getting worse. If any two ships are connected via connector, the connections don't seem stable. The two ships seem to constantly vibrate against each other. Sometimes you cannot see it at all in the velocity of either ship. Other times you can see the ships velocity constant bouncing around and sometimes even see dampers cause thrusters to visibly fire to keep the ship still. This uses power and/or hydrogen depending on what thrusters are present on the ships. If you look at the hydrogen tank, you will notice small amounts of hydrogen being consumed by the dampers. If you turn dampers off, the hydrogen and power consumption stop but then the ships can accumulate velocity over time. I logged off for 8 plus hours and when I logged back on. My ships were 3km away from where they were and slowly moving at .5m/s with all hydrogen drained by the dampers constantly trying to counteract the motion created by connected ships.

I believe this is also related to a similarly related bug where two ships connected cause very slight rotation around the center of mass of the ships, especially in gravity where gravity seems to pull the ships around each other.

If the ships connectors are disconnected but the are still pulling on each other with there "strength" function, the motion stops completely. If you adjust the strength up and down from 0 to 100% while connected, it does not affect the motion.

This happens when connectors are totally free of blocks around them other than the blocks they are connected to on the back, so it seems that it is not other surrounding blocks clipping into each other.

I suspect all this motion and the math associated with it cause server and computer resources to be used. On a server with large numbers of ships connected, these constant small motion calculations may add up and cause significant lag.

Possible Solution: stop motion between ships when they are connected via connector like merge blocks but without the merging and unmerging grid name changes after disconnecting. It would be nice to fix that too. I would use merge blocks more but I get tired of renaming my ships every time I unmerge them.

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