Ship won't stop [MP-Dedicated]

Taki7o 7 shared this bug 2 years ago
Won't Fix

Hey i just started in a respawn ship, was flying outside the gravity. I was drifting with 100m/s, i also turned off the gyroscope (to escape gravity i used override forward thrusters before, but turned override off after no gravity). I kept letting it drift in my friends base direction(Gyro Off, No override, No Dampeners). I spawned at my friends base meanwhile to help him welding his jump drive together that he can pick me and my ship up. When we finished the jump drive welding, i spawned back to my respawn ship to stop it and mark position for my friend. But then something weird happend. I turned dampeners on and waited to get slower, but nothing happend. I tried to restart the Reactor aswell, turning all other blocks of and on aswell, but the ship was stucking at 98m/s. Also restarting the game did not helped, the ship was gone. I hope this will never happen with a big ship i built myself :/

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Hello, Engineer!

Please provide exact reproduction steps if possible.


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