Ship Snapping Back / Rubber Banding - Not Latency Issue

demo shared this bug 3 years ago

I have no idea what causes this behavior in this video. It happens on every server I play on. It seems that it may be related to disconnecting or using a connector but can't replicate it enough to know for sure. Only a server restart fixes it from what I've seen.

Put some time into any MP server (that has 20+ people) and you'll run into this.

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More information. This issue is definitely related to connectors. Also, the snapping is occurring because the client is turning the ship faster than it should. I think maybe some mass calculations are wrong or something.

Normally my ship doesn't try to turn this fast. When the bug occurs it wants to rotate and turn a lot faster and gets snapped back into position.


Well this is a pretty nice site! Can't see what I am typing for comments in Chrome. Can't log in with another browser.

I have this same issue. No connectors on this ship at all. In the attached video roll is affected more this time but I see it with WASD C and Space quite often. It happens so much I really cannot participate in combat easialy. I don't look forward to even logging in much anymore. Pretty game breaking Keen.


Oh, and to add. Only 8 people on the server. Pretty quiet.

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