Ship Drills Unable to Mine Fake Stone Voxels. (Spark Of The Future)

harley shared this bug 2 years ago

Recent update "Spark of the Future" I encountered a bug on The official Server when Mining Regenerated Ore deposits known as Fake Stone, Using a ship drill The voxels Fail to mine It Won't Mine voxels Within Vicinity. It will however still mine Normal Stone and All Ores. Best way to reproduce This bug is to Mine Ore, Let the ore Regenerate Into Fake stone, Attempt To mine the Ore with the ship Drill again. This bug does not Affect Hand Tools

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I have the same problem. Trying to mine out a deposit after cleanup partially fills it is not possible. Please fix ASAP.


Same error/bug is on Public Test EU server in Beta testing. Still without result.

And another bug on Public Test EU server in Beta, with result "Old 2019 blueprint": Ore from drills is not fill storage in Cockpit. Keen developer think, we do some with blueprint files, and its our fault.

Why developers dont repair broken old blueprints, when it is Load ?


Hello, Engineer!

Thank you for your feedback! Your topic has been added between considered issues.

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We really appreciate your patience.

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