Share with Faction is broken after Sparks of the Future update

Garrett Wyrick shared this bug 36 days ago
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Dedicated server, wiped just a day ago, survival.

I built a small block drill drone and set every block on the grid as "Share with Faction" but, my faction member is unable to control the ship via remote control block or even access the grid remotely due to "not having the right ownership." Faction member is still unable to control the grid with faction member placing the remote control block.

Other faction member gets access denied message for all thrusters on another ship despite the whole grid being set to "Share with Faction" and this may be separate but may be the same bug.

None of this was happening prior to the Sparks of the Future update.

Edit: Copying and repasting the grid did not fix the issue.

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Same thing here. I can even give other players in my faction ownership of every block and it still says "Access Denied" for them.



Is there any chance that you all have not been playing since before the Economy update? The remote control block allowed members of the faction to use remote control functionality through share with faction in 191.108. With the economy update it ceased to be possible. This is a long time bug though and was not introduced with Sparks of the Future update.

I was not able to reproduce the issue with faction members not being able to access the grid terminal though.

The access refusal for blocks without ownership (such as thrusters), was also introduced in much earlier patches. Anyone who wants to manipulate settings of blocks without ownership (thrusters, lights, etc..) needs to have at least one block belonging to them on the grid. Meaning they have to be at least a Small owner (less than half of all blocks owned)

Please provide more information if you are absolutely sure, that this issue has come with SotF update and not earlier.

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I have spoken to my faction mates further to confirm this: previous to the SotF update we were able to control each other's drones via remote control blocks set to share with faction.

A little more clarification: my faction mates can access grids via terminal, as well as use the cockpits, although they cannot remotely access the grid, nor can they click the 'control' button in the remote control block when accessing via terminal.

Also, faction member was able to control the wheel settings via toolbar while in cockpit but it did say access denied in the terminal for the wheels, they may have been the issue of him not being a small owner.

We, in our faction, did use the ability to access the remote control block of another faction member prior to the SotF update, as well as prior to the Economy update, we have been a faction (with a minimum of the same 5-7 members) and played on the same server for almost a year and a half now.

I got a little more information about the server (if it's helpful), it is using Torch (for the concealment plugin, although concealment has been turned off in order to evaluate if it is still needed, because we noticed that there had been some nice progress on multiplayer performance), as well as some mods:

Camera panning

Build info

Text hud API v2

Build hints

Projector to assembler

Spatat (planet)

Editable enemy hacking speed

Star treck jump drive lines


This is still happening for us as well. We started our server just a few months ago. Let me know if sharing my save file or some other info would be helpful.