Shadows of random grids follow me around

QBFreak shared this bug 22 months ago

I started playing Space Engineers a little over a month ago, and from the beginning shadows have been weird. I'll get a random shadow from a grid I was near, fixed or ship, and it will just follow me around across the terrain. I had assumed this was just a quirk of SE that hadn't been fixed yet, but when sharing a particularly odd image of this today a friend urged me to file a bug report. Apparently this is not normal :)

Today in a single session of SE, I loaded several different worlds. In one of them I was working on a rover based on one of the ATV-8s from the Lost Colony scenario. Later I loaded a world that had no rovers. While working I noticed that the shadow of the rover and my engineer standing behind it were following me around. Sample image attached. I attempted to attach the log, however it is over 3MB and the attachment size limit is 2MB. Restarting the game (Exit to Windows) fixed the issue temporarily, however experience says it will return.

This is probably coincidental, but all of the cases I can think of where this has occurred have involved rovers. But similar can be said of my Space Engineering career :)

Please let me know what else you need, or if there is anything you would like me to try.

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