Server List Advanced Search Does not do "Exclusive" Mod Search

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Trying to find a server hosting a particular mod, I clicked the checkbox for the mod I was interested in, clicked "Exlusive" and clicked "search". It was impossible to tell what was going on but I saw the list show servers, both modded and unmodded.

1). Enter into the in-game MP server search.

2). Select a mod, and click "exclusive"

3). Expected Behavior: only servers containing that specific mod should show up on the list, if there are none with that specific mod, no servers should show up on the list (hence the "exclusive" function)

4). Note the server list will show servers without any mods, indicating it cannot be searching for servers with a specific mod exclusively (otherwise modless servers would be excluded.)

I tried repeatedly to get it to work but alas it didn't seem to be sorting the list much --- that being said it was sorting the list for something because the servers I have on favorites all disappeared until the advanced search was disabled.

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I get the Same bug.. but

I finded from loading the game fresh it will work but then i unclick the mod i am looking for more modded i get back server have no mods even that the same server show to have mods before.


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