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Server Host Kicked for "Server Host Has Left the Game" (Paradoxical Kick)

Bradley Johnson shared this bug 2 years ago

So, this happens probably more often than it should. But it seems that the game for some reason will occasionally think that the server host has left the game, and therefore kicks the host from the game despite the fact that the server host has not left the game.

If I was hosting my game via a Steam server--which I'm pretty sure it's not since I don't get lag as a host--then it would make sense that a connection problem could cause something like this to happen. But since it's hosted from my PC, a momentary internet lapse cannot be a valid excuse.

The problem is that the host is kicked from the game with the excuse that the server host left the game.... Well, obviously the server host left the game because he was just kicked for a paradoxical reason.

This seems like a bug to me, as I feel like the game should not be allowed to kick the server host due to the server host leaving the game. This seems redundant anyways, let alone it's a paradoxical reason to kick the server host.

Next time it happens, I'll consider uploading log files.

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Just happened again moments ago. Here are the log files that I was able to find.

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