Server: Being seated on login breaks O2 alerts and visor.

Geneticus0 shared this bug 4 years ago


Log into a server.

Go to an O2 planet in a lander.

Open your visor.

Open the door so it is not pressurized (if enabled).

Sit in a seat.

Logout for a few minutes.

Log back in.

You should immediately notice the choking sounds and get the health loss effects.

Closing your visor stops the sounds and the false health loss.

Opening you visor make you appear to be choking.

Add a block to the Grid, resets the behavior to normal.

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Addendum: Seat needs to be an open seat not a cockpit.

Adding block to grid does not always reset status, sometimes a build state change, added block or removed block will fix the issue.Character does not actually take damage in this state if the environment contains enough O2 even though all other indicators are playing.


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