SE fails to read EmissiveColors.sbc and defaults to fallbacks

enenra shared this bug 2 years ago

Summary: EmissiveColors.sbc in Data\ is supposed to control the emissive color profiles (which block states are assigned to what colors) as well as what RGB values those colors have. Currently, SE fails to actually load that file however. As a result some vanilla blocks likely display the wrong colors and it is completely impossible to mod emissive colors even though a file was set up specifically to enable it.

Example EmissiveColorStatePreset:

        <EmissiveState StateName="Damaged" EmissiveColorName="Black" DisplayColorName="Black" Emissivity="0" />
        <EmissiveState StateName="Disabled" EmissiveColorName="Red" DisplayColorName="White" Emissivity="0.5" />
        <EmissiveState StateName="Working" EmissiveColorName="Green" DisplayColorName="White" Emissivity="1" />
        <EmissiveState StateName="Warning" EmissiveColorName="Yellow" DisplayColorName="White" Emissivity="1" />
Example EmissiveColor:

Relevant file: Content\Data\EmissiveColors.sbc

Bug description:

Changes to that file in a mod do not result in any difference ingame. Not even changes to the file in the game directory do. The file is completely ignored. It likely has to do with SE failing to load the EmissiveColors.sbc altogether and instead falling back to internal default values.

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