SE - dedicated server not responding but says running

Kieran Martin shared this bug 3 years ago

I have port forwarded the following ports:

  • 8080
  • 27016
  • 8766

The issue started when I tried to add asteroids to the world.

Both pre-generated worlds form single player with online mode and the world that I added the asteroids don't work.

The world that had the asteroids did work up until that point I added them.

The server starts fine and the last console log

game ready...

Steam does not show the server when it is started at that point nor does it show up in the server list in the game.

I am using 1 mod and it has worked prior to adding the lines I was able to join the server with a friend and it worked so it's probably not the mod that is causing the issue it's just a respawn ship mod.

I have attached the world file if you need any other information please let me know.

The file was too big below is the link to Mediafire download

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I am running the server on

System Information

Windows 10 Home,

64 bit OS,

Stock: ASUS - VivoPC M32CD


Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40 GHz, 3401 Mhz, 4 Core(s) 8 Logical Processors



Disk Drive:





I am not sure how to obtain the log file so if you need it please walk me through the steps to get it.

Thanks in advance Kieran.


Found the server logs, this may be of help for your team.

Those are the logs from the place you run the dedicated server from.


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found any fixes? i have the same problem.


Nope, I have given up on this game, to many bugs, It had so much potential too but I feel that it will end up like Medieval engineers, and just get stopped without being finished, Keen Software should be more open to community suggestions and working with mod creators to sponsor there work or collaborate with them at the vary least, Many games like ARK or Cities Skylines do this on a regular bases and it has turned out positive for both business. A game is more then just physics, games have stories and some kind of end goal, as a YouTuber I try to find games that offer those two things as they are the best for solo gameplay series, Keen Software's two games don't offer these and I have tried to make a Space engineers series in the past but there is just not enough happening or things to do to make a good series of this game.

I would not go as far as wishing I did not by the two games from Keen Software but I am disappointed that they did not take in consideration what the community wanted and make it have more story, or goals and more random events, I know that's a lot to ask a for a small team but I would sooner wait longer for a good dedicated update then have bugs and problems in releases. I am sure there will be other people with the opposite opinion and that is fine, I am just voicing my concerns regarding the development of the two games people are welcome to share there part but keep it respectful.

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