Scroll Wheel and Blocks Glitching Between Variations

Willy .William shared this bug 14 months ago

Hi, I have an issue with the Scroll Wheel. It gets stuck at the bottom of the scrollable area and I can't get back to the top. Also, I think this is relevant, but when I choose a block with different variations it glitches between variations. Such as a Light Armor Block and Light Armor Slope.

I use a track pad on a laptop.

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I'm hitting the same bug and I've noticed quite a few people complaining about the same bug online. A video on steam community depicts the exact problem I am having (see the first few seconds of the video):

The bug makes any scroll menu unusable and makes variation blocks impossible to use. As you might imagine this kills the playability of an otherwise wonderful game.

I forgot to mention: I am running into this bug with version 1.190


I also encounter this bug using AutoHotKey to simulate/remap mousewheel functionality.

On Windows 10, SE version 1.191.023 (and many earlier versions)

Replication Steps:

1) Install AutoHotKey ( )

2) Create a text/script file named like "MouseWheel.ahk" and give it the contents:


3) Double-left-click on the file in Explorer to start the script running (it will be a green square with a white H icon in the Notifications portion of the Taskbar).

4) Start Space Engineers and navigate to a scroll bar (New Game > Workshop tab works pretty well).

5) Check that the mouse can be used to drag the scroll bar normally.

6) Press the PageDown key once

7) See that the scrollbar has been scrolled all the way to the very bottom and the mouse cannot be used to drag the scrollbar back up. Clicking in the scroll area above the scrollbar momentarily jumps the bar up before it returns to the very bottom again.


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